Batool Almarzouq

Computational Biology

Batool Almarzouq is a Research Project Manager for AI for Multiple Long-Term Conditions: Research Support Facility (AIM RSF) at the Alan Turing Institute and honorary research fellow position at the University of Liverpool. AIM RSF is part of the NIHR's £23 million investment in AI, focusing on developing data standards, best practices, and a community around AI research for multiple long-term conditions, with a strong emphasis on championing open science practices.. 

Dr. Almarzouq is an advocate for transforming cultural norms to facilitate the adoption of open research practices, tools, and ethos, while addressing the existing power dynamics and inequalities in knowledge production. She believes that Open science is fundamentally about  decolonization by challenging the legacy of settler colonialism, which often marginalized indigenous knowledge systems, and by promoting the integration and respect of these diverse perspectives in the broader scientific discourse. She founded the Open Science community in Saudi Arabia (OSCSA), which introduces and contextualise Open Science practices in Arabic-speaking countries. She also served as a Content Subject Matter Expert for NASA's Transform to Open Science program.  

Committed to empowering future leaders in Open Science, Dr. Almarzouq actively engages as a mentor and as a governance committee member for  The Open Life Science program. She is also a core contributor to The Turing Way and a member of the Open Science expert group organized by the International Association of Universities (IAU) where she co-develop a new approaches to assessments of and incentives for researchers to engage in Open Science in the Universities. Together with a global team of early career scientists she co-organized the virtual symposium Global Dynamics in Responsible Research