The Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research in cooperation with the BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research aims to provide recognition and publicity for outstanding efforts that enhance the rigor, reliability, robustness, and transparency of research in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, and stimulate awareness and activities fostering research quality among scientists, institutions, funders, and politicians.

Promoting access to research results (‘Open Science’), embracing collaborative research (‘Team Science’) and increasing diversity in research are only some of the objectives established by the international jury.  

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Since 2021, we annually welcome applications and nominations from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities worldwide for a €500,000 award across three categories. 

Award Categories

Individual Award: Individual researchers or small teams of collaborating researchers can be nominated. The laureate will be awarded €200,000.

Institutional Award: Governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, or other entities can apply or be nominated. The award-winning organization or institution will receive €200,000. 

Early Career Award: Early career researchers or small teams of collaborating researchers can submit a project proposal that seeks to foster research quality and value for an award of €100,000.

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The Jury

An international, interdisciplinary, and diverse panel of researchers and research quality activists convened by the Einstein Foundation Council will evaluate submissions and select awardees.

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The Awarding Institutions

The Einstein Foundation Berlin and the QUEST Center for Responsible Research collaborate to present this international award to provide publicity for researchers and institutions seeking to improve the quality of research. 

The Einstein Foundation Berlin is an independent, not-for-profit, science-led funding organization established as a foundation under civil law in 2009. Since then, its task has been to promote international cutting-edge science and research across disciplines and institutions in and for Berlin. To date, it has funded more than 200 researchers, including three Nobel laureates, over 70 projects, and seven Einstein Centers.

The QUEST Center for Responsible Research was founded in 2017 as part of the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité. QUEST develops and implements new approaches to support that biomedical research is conducted in a trustworthy manner, provides useful results, and meets ethical standards. The focus is on Open Science, Indicators & Incentives, Quality Assurance, Patient & Stakeholder Engagement, Education & Training and Meta Research. 

The Award Funders and Partners

The award is funded by the Damp Stiftung for a period of ten years. Additional resources are made available by the State of Berlin. The publisher Nature Portfolio, the Public Library of Science, the Berlin University Alliance and the Max Planck Foundation are supporting the Einstein Foundation Berlin and the QUEST Center for Responsible Research  in promoting and implementing the award.