Panel discussion, 30 May 2023, Berlin

What is 'research quality'? Disciplinary dimensions and perspectives

A joint event by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Berlin University Alliance, the QUEST Center at the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité, and the Einstein Foundation Berlin

The term ‘research quality’ has taken center stage in an international discussion about reproducibility, research waste, academic publishing, and advancing research assessment. However, what do we mean by research quality? And how can we judge or even measure it? In this panel discussion, experts from various disciplines will explore generic and specific dimensions and concepts of research quality in the social sciences, the humanities, and STM (science, technology and medicine).

The panel discussion was followed by the honouring of Gordon Guyatt, the 2022 recipient of the Individual Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research, which included a speech by Dieter Imboden, President of the Award Jury.

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Panelists and Host

  • Anna Dreber, Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • Gordon Guyatt, Health Research, McMaster University Hamilton, Canada
  • Lena Hipp, Sociology, Berlin Social Science Center
  • Christoph Markschies, Theology, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  • Susanne Schreiber, Computational Neuroscience, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Ulrich Dirnagl (host), QUEST Center for Responsible Research, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité